Nowadays any kind of GPS tracker has work under 2.5 & 3G networks, with basic options like panic button and couple of inputs.

Price is critical factor for final users and Distributors because they are always looking for units that are affordable, reliable with excellent performance.

With several digital inputs and outputs plus the option of two-way communication, SCG-505 makes it very attractive for its low price.

Having an advanced GPS module Ublox G7020 KT, the SCG-505 with a price of $ 49.00 dollars for 50 units order, it is the best choice at very inexpensive price!!!!

This GPS tracker has proved to be a stable equipment that offers basic tracking and even more. Used for home delivery vehicles, order delivery routes, Ambulance tracking, Trucks and semi-trucks, private cars, route trucks with short and medium range, even there are some distributors that have installed it on motorcycles. That is why the SCG-505 tracker is taking the market by storm. Buy now this excellence performance GPS tracker and discover why Symcam makes such difference!!!!