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The public safety in buses, Taxis, Vans and other vehicles types such as ambulances; requires mobile DVR video tracking in addition to the GPS tracker.

The fact those projects that are already working with inside cameras, has brought better results and a significant reduction of crime rate in public transport systems.

Close follow-up to those critical patients entering the ambulance system; allows doctors and nurses to have real-time video and record all those cases from the hospital monitoring center; until patients will arrive.

We strive to deliver solutions to reduce the risk and safety problems in public or private security bus / taxi transportation, with embedded GPS tracking module and mobile video recording with live video access.

Our mobile video recorder for Bus and Taxi is manufactured with 1 & 2 cameras with an option of 2 more, this unit is manufactured with 4G/3G modules that are homologated and work on the 4G/3G networks.

Use in Other Industries:


Cargo Truck

Agricultural machinery

Mini Mobile One Camera – DVR Recorder Live Video | Live Video 4G/3G SCG-TBW1- GPS+WIFI+3G (symcam.com)

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