¡¡ Video DVR Movil 4G/3G …!!

We all faced a situation at the moment, that is a real test to practice our wisdom and skills. It is imperative to focus on our positive thoughts and irrevocable positive attitude to face present and future challenges.

The most important thing is to focus your personal and collective energy toward a precise goal without losing sight of it.

If we live in a World that is energy that works the 2 polarities (+) (-), our suggestion is to approach those energies towards the positive solution only. 

Again, thanks for your preference, we intend to serve you in all the projects you may have for security mobile video and GPS tracking.

The Body Worn Camera is used for Guards/Police or Personal Use, you can access recorded video, this equipment is very reliable for Security Routines, VIP tracking, Diplomatic Personnel, Motorized guards, Armed Escort and high-security equipment that transport high values.

This unit, which is waterproof captures routes, locations, and security points that the Guard or Police must check.

Configuracion options:

  • Embedded memory card. 
  • WIFI / GPS embedded – Optional.
  • Microphone.
  • Battery 4200 mAh.
  • 12 continuous hours of recording.
  • IP 67 Waterproof.
  • 12M Pixel pictures
  • Video configuration.

We provide solutions to reduce public or private security risks in Buses, Taxis, Trucks, Trains, Public Transport, Uber, and other types of vehicles such as Ambulances. Buy today this excellent performance Mobile DVR and discover why Symcam makes a such difference !!!