"Solve the problems of security risks in your business"

About us


About Us

Symcam’s vision is to build innovative, trendy, reliable, and easy to use tracking products,
which enables you to track and follow with what you value most.

Who we are?

We have a product portfolio that includes Mobile DVR, SDVR, GPS trackers, and other security-related product device categories. An emphasis on continual improvement our factory has for all products FCC, CE, and PCTRB certifications.
Everything that bears Symcam’s brand name is designed and built to provide a lifetime of use and security for you.
Today, Symcam’s brand name is getting more share of the market due to its quality, great performance, and tech support.
Perhaps what best defines a Symcam device is its ability to operate in all countries equally and admirably; from North to South, in every city and country.
Hard as it may seem to believe, the familiar and frequently used GPS tracker or Mobile DVR has been on the market for only 14 years.
After a lot of thought and reflection on our own lives, we would design a smart alternative that focuses on superb security.

The Symcam Manufacturer Approach

It all started with a vision that was driven by experienced security product professionals, which came together to revolutionize the industry. We at Symcam, manufacture modern security devices that are backed 100% by great performance reviews and phenomenal technical support. The vision for the company has been to design and manufacture trendy security devices that are not only visually appealing but perform above our client’s expectations.

With style, efficiency, and reliability, Symcam has created some of the most beautifully efficient designed GPS trackers in the market today. All products have modern state-of-the-art features, which dramatically enhance the ease of use, and range all the way from GPS trackers to mobile DVRs and SDVRs.

Symcam always delivers on style and quality, that is why we encourage everyone to know more about us and what our company has to offer, we have great ideas for security products planned out for many years to come, and extend an invitation for you to be a part of it. Great things are about to come!