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MDR8114-FGWI- 4G Live Video

Live Video 4G/3G

Model # MDR8114-FGWI-4G

4G – Hard Disk Drive 4 Channels Online Video
Mobile Video Recorder


  • This Mobil DVR Solution, H.264 Compression Mode, Many stream recording, 4CH real-time 720P AHD and 4CH Analog megapixel Standard Definition camera input/Support 2CH HD+2CH Standard Definition camera input.
  • Real-time HD Video Recording, 720P/D1/HD1/CIF for Optional, Adjustable Frame Rate Quality.
  • Professional Power Design for all kinds of Vehicles, 8-36V DC; Wide Voltage, Over-load, Over-voltage, Short Circuit, Reverse Protection, Suitable for all kinds of vehicles.
  • Support DC 12V output, it can offer power for cameras, mini-monitor, and some peripheral devices.
  • HDD + SD card Data record storage (maximum support 2TB 2.5’’ hard disk and 128GB SD card. ) It can completely resist car Vibration, Dust, and others that cause data corruption;
  • Watchdog Abnormal will trigger Restart Protection Function. It can better protect Devices and Video.
  • Exclusive pre-allocate DVR Special File System Technology, Solving repeatedly wipe cause file fragmentation, and ensure the integrity of the data.
  • By accidents power-off protection function. Unique UPS Technology ensures the integrality of records when a power failure occurs, even can for 10-15s.
  • Flameout Time-lapse Video Recording Function (Highest support long delay time 24 hours.)
  • Auto Recording, Time Recording, Alarming Recording Modes for Different Requests.
  • Display vehicle traffic status, Vehicle numbers, Route, Super-low speed vehicle Information, and Convenient management.
  • Support GPS/BD, G-sensor, 3G/4G , WIFI Modules Extension.
  • 1 channels RS232 +1 channel RS485.
  • Superior network function can configure menu through IE, support mobile SMS to configure parameters, and obtain device information.
  • Support Video & Audio monitoring, 2-way Intercom, PTZ control, manual Alarm, Over-speed, Geo-Fence, etc through remote control platform.
  • 6 CH alarm inputs (Doors, lights, steering, braking, reversing, and all types can be configured), Can support kinds of response linkages.
  • 2 CH alarm output, Support the linkage custom-optic alarm, cut off fuel oil/power, etc.
  • Support Local Auto-photo when alarm input, device pictures preview function;
  • All Aviation connectors, Super stable, High Anti-shock, Easy installation Plugin and out.
  • Unique WINDOWS 8 interface, Easily Smart GUI Interface, Fluent system interface is intuitive and perfect.
  • Support SD card Remote Software Upgrade/OTA remote upgrade automatically, partition backup technology upgrade don’t crash.
  • Support mobile phone remote monitoring, and 5G/4G/3G call function
  • Supporting the ministry of communications 808 agreement, extensible PTZ control, POS, oil flow sensor, LED advertising screen, etc.
  • Can be batch functional customization according to customer’s requirements.

Technical Description

Main Functions

Main Sub-Item Instructions




Recording Sub-System

Video Channel 4 Channel video + 4 Channel Audio recording synchronously;
Resolution 4*720P(1280*720);4*D1、4*HD1、4*CIF Each channel is individually adjustable.
Image Quality 0-7 levels, 0 is the highest level.
OSD Overlays information such as date time and vehicle ID
Loop Rec Support SD card loop recording, loop cover previous video
Record Mode Timed recording, alarm trigger recording and manual recording
Preview Support 1 channel and 4 channels preview. Support enlarge; video image when alarm trigger and video rear view trigger;



Space pre-allocated Support disks overwritten function.



Video Search Search video files anytime per day, type(n/a)
Playback Support 1 to 4 channels playback.
Support forward and backward play at the speed of: x2 ,x4,x8,x16.
Support alarm spot search and time search.

Graphical User


Setup system parameters with the remote control.
Alarm Input channels electrical level alarm input for optional
Alarm linkage recordingActive request the intercomOne-key phone calling functions,etc.
Output Max support 2ch level output



GPS Positioning Built-in GPS/BD module: can sync record GPS information, trace replay.
PTZ Control Support Pelco-D protocol 485 PTZ remote/local control, preset.
Serial Expand Support LED Advertisement PanelOil SensorPOSBus Station BroadcasterCar OBD,etc.external devices.
G-Sensor G-sensor,Record vehicle real-time status.
TTS Voice Broadcast Support TTS voice broadcast function.
Network Can expand WIFI module, support 801.2b/g/n, 801.2a/c
Built-in EVDO/WCDMA/TD-LTE/FDD-LTE,etc., 3G/4G module.
Others ON/OFF System delay-time power on/off;
File System DVR special file recording System Technology, Exclusive car record file system, space pre-allocate,4ch single file Record, cyclic covering; To avoid the storage of the media causes file fragments, with high reliability and high stability;

Parameter Sheet

Item Parameter
OS Linux
Language Chinese/English/Others (can be customized)
Video Compression H.264 Compression Mode
OSD Overlays information such as date time and vehicle ID
GUI Graphical User Interface Can connect to external LED screen. Setup system parameters with the remote control.
Video Record System Video Input 4CH 720P AHD/4CH SD/2CH HD+2CH SD input ,aviation connector.
Video Output 1CH CVBS+ VGA output for optional, 1.0Vp-p, 75Ω
Preview Support 1 channel and 4 channels preview., Support Manual/Alarm Trigger full screen preview
Resolution Support 720P/D1/CIF, MAX:4 channels 720P or 4channels D1(analog)
Video Quality 0-7 levels, 0 is the highest level, 7 is the lowest level.
Video Standard

PAL: 100f/s, CCIR625 line,50field;

NTSC: 120f/s, CCIR525 line,60field;

CIF: 256Kbps ~ 1.5Mbps, multi levels video quality optional;

HD1: 600Kbps ~ 2.5Mbps, multi levels video quality optional;

D1: 800Kbps ~ 3Mbps, multi levels video quality optional;

720P : 1Mbps~4Mbps, multi levels video quality optional;

Record Mode The default setting is auto recording after power on. Timed recording, alarm trigger recording and manual recording are supported.
Audio Audio Input 4CH ,Aviation Plug
Audio Output 1CH, rear port connects to BNC connector.
Compression G.726 compression, 8KB/s speed
Alarm Input 6CH IO Alarm Input, Support alarm linkage function
Alarm Output 2CH Relay Alarm Output, Support the linkage acousto-optic alarm, cut off fuel oil/powered
Communication Interface 1CH RS232, support extension device, such as POS machine, Oil Fuel sensor, LED advertising screen , etc.
1CH 485 interface, can connect PTZ,etc.
2CH CAN interface.
Wireless transfer Support Built-in 4G/3G network, WCDMA,CDMA2000,TD-SCDMA compatible with GPRS,EDGE; Support Built-in 4G network, TTD-LTE, FDD-LTE
Position Support Built GPS/BD Module, can make playback analysis of vehicle routing
G-Sensor Support G-sensor
Video Storage Storage 2.5’’ HDD+ SD Card, each max 2TB HDD + 128GB SD Card mirror recording to protect data from loss
Upgrade Support USB flash disk  updating, SD card upgrade , OTA remote upgrade automatically
File Format 264
File System Special Car system File System
USB Front panel supports USB port, support USB flash disk upgrade to backup; hard disk box USB port, can back up video data
Video Playback Video Search Search video by Record Time/Record Type etc.
Playback Max support 4CH Replay /Stop/Fast Forward/Fast Reverse at same time
Support x 2, x4, x8, x16. fast forward or fast backward play
Safety Management User/Admin 2 Levels Different Passwords , support screen lock
Voltage &Power Consumption Power Management Adaptive wide power input, support Wide Voltage, Over-load、Over-voltage、Short Circuit、Reverse Protection. Support Time Setting/Delay power off
Voltage Input DC:+8V ~ +36V
Voltage Output +12V@2.5A,+5V@2.5A
Power Consumption Normal Working <14W
Working Environment Temperature -20℃ to +70℃
Humidity 20% to 80%
others Size 200 (D)* 187(W)* 62(H) mm
Net Weight 1.9kg

Hard Disk Box Installation Instructions

  1. Turn over the hard disk box, dismantle 2 screws in the side and underside, as shown <Figure 1>.
  2. Install 4 screws on 2.5inch hard disk, remove the hard disk box from one side bracket, as shown in             <Figure 2>.
  3. First connect SATA flat cable with hard disk, then insert the four braces into both sides of the bracket             damping rubber ring hole, then fix two screws on the bracket, as shown <Figure 3>.
  4. After installing hard disk box, fixed screws tightened hard disk, and lock the hard disk lock.