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SBC-509 – 3G

Model # SBC-509 – 3G

GPS Tracker Fleet management



GPS Tracker SBC-509 – it is robust unit for fleets and super-efficient, has option to connect fuel, temperature or other type of sensor control, in addition to that has several input and outputs, microphone, speaker, accelerometer and more.

This unit target Super trucks, medium and long run trucks, interstate and local buses, ambulances, police cars, fire trucks, waste management trucks, and other type of assets.

This equipment has a very attractive price per unit for orders of 50 units or more.

Please carefully evaluate the following technical characteristics of the unit.


Technical Specification

Warranty : 12 Months.

  • MCU : STM32F103 (ARM 32-bit Cortex™-M3 CPU)
  • GSM : GSM/GPRS; Quad-band: 850/900/1800/1900Mhz
  • GPS : UBlox NEO 6M (can replace to 7M to support Glonass)

G-sensor/3-axis sensor

  • PIN IO interface
  • 4 digital input
  • 4 digital output
  • 4 analog input
  • 1 panic button
  • 2 1-wire for iButton or temperature probe
  • 1 RS485
  • 2 RS232 for RFID, Camera, dispatch screen and other serial port device with customize firmware
  • 1 speaker and microphone

1 Micro USB (No driver need, totally a HID/USB device)

  • Measurements: 87mm*55mm*25mm
  • Firmware upgrade:  By USB, in PC directly and by GPRS remote
  • Parameter: Request the working remotely

in configurator tool

  • Comunicación: TCP/UDP, SMS
  • SMS alarm: Send out alarm when vehicle status has been changed
  • Ignition on/off, GPS antenna drop
  • IO port changed.
  • Low battery alert
  • Voice monitoring: Two way conversation, build in
  • authorized phone list