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SBC 7 – BWC – Recorder Only

Body Worn Cameras

Model # SBC 7 – Recorder Only

Law Enforcement –  Guards


The SBC-7 is a camera system incorporating an audio and video recording device. This camera is designed for use in tough environmental conditions encountered in law enforcement, corrections, military, and security activities.

The SBC-7 camera has two operating modes designed to accommodate the needs of law enforcement, corrections, security, and the military. The default mode, or BUFFERING mode, provides pre-event buffering to capture activities that occur prior to the user activating the EVENT mode. In addition, the Link in Eyes View application enables playback of footage on a smart device for review prior to storing the data.


Operation LED

Shows the camera’s current operating mode.

Operating Mode Operation LED
Recording Blinking Blue
Booting up Solid Blue
Charging Solid Green
Upload data Blinking Orange

OLED Display

Shows when certain functions are enabled.

Function Enable Function show
WIFI active WIFI logo
WIFI upload data WIFI arrowhead
Bluetooth active Bluetooth logo
Bluetooth connection Bluetooth arrowhead
Mute Speaker X
Battery Capacity Battery logo
Storage Storage logo


Connection Socket/USB port – Enables data transfer and recharging.
Power On/Off button – Turns the camera’s power on or off. When the camera’s power is turned on, the blue led, OLED backlight is lighted. When the camera power is turned off, the blue led, OLED backlight is closed.
Mute button –Used to mute the device.
Backlight Button –Used to turn on OLED backlight 5 sec.
FN Button –Programmable button, default is WIFI enable (Bluetooth enable add markers to the video as it is recorded).
RESET button –Used to reset device when system was crash.
EVENT Button –Used to start and stop recording. (Single-press to start; hold for two seconds to stop recording.) The camera might take several additional seconds to close out of the video when it is powered off before stopping an event.
Capture button –Used to capture when system is recording or not recording.
Buzzer – Provides audio notifications.
MIC –one-channel microphone – For audio recording.