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SBC-C2 Dock Station

Body Worn Cameras

Model # SBC-C2 Dock Station

Portable law enforcement data collection workstation


When accessing the law enforcement recorder, you should hear a “ding dong” and the screen displays the law enforcement information, then access the next station.

All law enforcement recorders should be removed before the law enforcement data collection equipment is turned on.

Place the law enforcement data collection equipment in a stable, dry, and moderate temperature location.

Please confirm that the law enforcement data collection device system is turned off and then turn off the power of the law enforcement data collection device.

This portable dock station is mainly used to collect heavy law enforcement data (mainly including video, audio, pictures and logs). And store these law enforcement data locally or upload it to the storage server. And the data collection is given to the law enforcement instrument to charge quickly.

SBC-C2 law enforcement data collection station is equipped with 10 collection ports and 4 USB debugging ports, including 2 USB 3.0 interfaces and 2 USB 2.0 interfaces. It can charge and collect data for 10 recorders at the same time. The acquisition software can be used. Automatically identify the current working status of the recorder (acquisition, charging, completion) and display the access time and remaining time SBC-C2. It can greatly save the time for the staff to process huge image data, which greatly improves the work efficiency.


Item Description Specification
Display feature Screen 15.6″ HD LCD display
Touch screen 15.6 inch capacitive 10-point touch screen
Screen Resolution 1920×1080
Motherboard Model number W-M192-2
System X86
Memory slot 1pcs maximum support 8G
SATA Interface 1pcs SATA
2pcs M-SATA
Display interface 1pcs  VGA
1pcs  VDLS According to the display requirements
1pcs  EDP
Other interface 1pcs RJ45Network port
1pcs  HDMI port
1pcs  Wifi Antenna interface
CPU Intel J1900
Storage DDR3 4G
Hard disk Mechanical hard disk 4T
Hard disk bay 1 detachable hard drive(Removing the hard disk must be after turned off the docking station)
Power supply Power supply characteristics 180~260V  AC/50~60Hz
(standby mode)      60W

(Maximum working condition) 200W

Overload protection Overvoltage protection, overcurrent protection, over power protection, short circuit protection
Operating system Operating system Support Windows 7/Windows 8/ 10
I/O interface Acquisition charging interface Mini USB 2.0 *10,Spring USB data cable
Recharging current 5V1A
Debug interface USB2.0*2   USB3.0*2
Network port RJ45 Gigabit network interface
Power interface Case power supply 220V interface
Recorder Positions Card slot design Cabin docking station design
Environmental test Reliability MTBF≥20000h
Operating temperature -10℃~50℃ Surface air flow
Storage temperature -20℃~60℃
Storage humidity 95% @40℃, No condensation
Physical characteristics Size 424*311*110.7mm
Material Industrial cold rolled steel plate + aluminum alloy
Spray/color Antistatic powder coating / black
Weight About 9kg