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Fuel sensorSensorUltrasonic Fuel Sensor
Ultrasonic Fuel Sensor SCG-ULS
Fuel sensor
Ultrasonic Fuel Sensor

Ultrasonic Fuel Sensor



Symcam fuel sensor lines, which can work with tracker SCG-507, SCG-509, in addition to the real-time DVR real-time video equipment.

The ultrasonic fuel sensor SCG-ULS which has an internal measurement level of 30 to 80 cms, it is very reliable and it is 99% accurate when the vehicle is in motion.

Ultrasonic sensor has simple structure, high precision, high reliability, strong stability, easy to install and maintain.

The product is geared to the needs of all kinds of vehicles such as: logistic Trucks, Vans, Cars, Taxis, Buses, commuter trains, etc.

Used for digital recording vehicle refueling, preventing the phenomenon of bunkering, avoid the waste of resources, improve operation efficiency, and improve traffic safety, strengthen the operation management of high-tech products.


  • Fuel consumption sensor would be placed outside of the bottom tank; does not need to make hole to the tank, it is mainly used for measuring inside’s vehicle fuel tank, or oil level. Do not produce electric spark or stiletto installation.
  • Signal control box is installed in the driving room, to collect the ultrasonic signal, the signal information processing, set all kinds of measurement parameters, output signal of sensor probe and the fuel tank linear proportional relationship, and to establish a communication interface with external data

Technical Specification

Measurement range: 30mm to 800mm (1000mm up 2000mm custom order)
Pressure range -0.1MPa~32MPa
Working Temp. -40℃—80℃
Output interface: Analog output 0.1 – 6.3V, RS232
Output signal: Analog voltage value、RS232data
Liquid highly accuracy: 0.2mm
Liquid measurement precision: Theory 0.07L. Fact about 0.1L
Working environment: Moisture proof, acid proof, anti-interference, riot, fire, earthquake
Fixed mode: Glue paste fixed directly
Explosive-proof grade: Exia Ⅱ CT6 / Exd Ⅱ CT5
Protection class: IP66
Working voltage: 9-36V 50mA